Quality, Environmental and OHS Policy

Dilek Mimarlık has always given priority to the following values since its establishment within legal and customer conditions;

  • Constant improvement
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product/service quality
  • Human and environmental factor

In order to do this the company has adopted the following principles:

  1. Protecting nature, the atmosphere, water, the environment and human health
  2. Complying with legal regulations
  3. Establishing, implementing and sustaining an effective integrated management system,
  4. Preventing pollution, reducing waste at its source and sorting to achieve maximum recycling
  5. Reducing risks to make the working conditions safer and monitoring employee, workplace and production health and safety.


We are dedicated to working with the specified conditions, especially as the upper management, and we take the total participation and full support of our personnel as our basis towards this objective.

Our Quality Policy

We must produce good quality services and projects to overcome sector problems and leave a smile on the faces of our customers. While determining our quality policy we could not overlook these problems and ways to overcome them. Therefore we as Dilek Mimarlık have adopted the following as our quality policy and make the maximum effort to practice these;


  • To meet customer needs and expectations in the best possible way
  • Provide solutions to problems at every stage of the operation with complete flexibility (without staying confined to molds) and if necessary give the project a different direction
  • To raise the bar higher when providing products and services
  • To present products and services that keep safety for people a priority
  • To understand the reality of customers and give them services at the right time at satisfactory cost
  • To understand customer needs well and produce fast and permanent solutions
  • To constantly improve the efficacy of the quality management system


Our Environmental Policy

Dilek Mimarlık considers giving priority to making sure that the environment is affected the least from pollution in every step the company takes and in all its operations its company principle.

The company has adopted the principle to comply with existing regulations and legislation while using the most environmentally friendly materials and technology and achieving constant improvement in each project to protect the environment and prevent pollution so that we can leave a cleaner environment to future generations.

Dilek Mimarlık has set the following general company goals in the framework of this policy:

Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Dilek Mimarlık is careful to the maximum level in studying the environmental regulations and fulfilling all requirements in the projects it undertakes.

Protecting Natural Resources
Dilek Mimarlık ensures that natural and other resources are used and preserved in the best possible way throughout the methods the company applies in all contract work and it operations.

Keeping Solid and Hazardous Waste Under Control
In all the projects it undertakes and all places of residence it has under its responsibility Dilek Mimarlık keeps any hazardous waste that may be generated under control and minimizes their impact on the environment.

Creating Awareness and Participation
In addition to creating awareness among its own employees and the subcontractors it works with, Dilek Mimarlık acts in cooperation with employers, suppliers and other stakeholders to protect the environment and add more value to the environment.

Preventing Pollution
By eliminating or minimizing pollution risks that could have an adverse effect on the environment with the systems and methods they practice, Dilek Mimarlık prevents possible pollution from spreading.

All our employees and concerned parties are made aware of our environmental policy in a transparent manner. Our policies and goals are periodically reviewed and the relevant management program is constantly updated.

Our Worker Health and Safety Policy

While conducting its operations Dilek Mimarlık aims to maintain the occupational health and safety of workers and constantly improve the working conditions. With this awareness the company is committed to ensuring and maintaining the following matters:

  • Achieve constant improvement on OSH issues
  • Ensure that occupational health and safety risks are eliminated by taking preventive action
  • Comply with the legal regulations in force, administrative regulations and the rules of organizations that the company is a member of  concerning OSH,
  • Provide training to make sure that direct company personnel and the subcontractors that are utilized know their individual OSH responsibility
  • Periodically review the OSH policy for constant compliance with the conditions

Dilek Mimarlık ensures that the Environmental, Occupational Safety and Employee Health Management Programs created for its departments go through the following process:

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They are prepared in line with the no. KYS-P.4.3.4 Risk Assessment procedures.

References are made to the relevant application principles and application instructions in the program and/or they are included in the program. If there are issues required by either of the concerned parties other than these, they may be included in the relevant Management Program as necessary.

The application principles and instructions defined in the Environmental, OSH Management Program are reviewed by the representative and go into force after approval.

The environment is used as audit criteria in internal audits of the OSH Management Program.


  • Defining and guiding the Environment and OSH policies and objectives
  • Undertaking the end responsibility for ensuring the application and continuity of the Environment and OSH Management Program and allocating the necessary resources
  • Ensuring that operations are carried out by sufficiently qualified employees
  • Ensuring that resources are used efficiently, effectively and sufficiently to constantly improve company operations from a health and safety aspect

Auditing all company operations in line with performance criteria and implementing the necessary improvements and changes